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date. 2022 - Present

agency. Media.Monks

medium. social+digital+web

It'd be impossible to summarise everything I've done for this behemoth 😮‍💨

So with that in mind, here's a selection of launch campaigns my team and I executed in 2022, all tied together by a nice little script written by myself:

Throughout all of these campaigns, I was responsible for all web copy on our site (take a deep dive, there's some great work there).

I was also responsible for each and every copy aspect (scripts, supers, captions) across all NEOM
social channels, including Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat and YouTube.

Altogether, our social platforms entertain over 4,280,000 unique followers.

Handling such a huge audience requires writing each piece of comms in a distinct way. For instance, how I'd write for my hyper-stimulated TikTok audience would differ greatly from the more business-oriented LinkedIn folk.

I even wrote the scripts for all the
digital films we'd regularly release, including construction progress, general updates and partnership announcements:


To wrap it up, here's some performance figures on how our launch of The LINE went: 

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