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Etihad Airways

date. 2020

agency. MullenLowe

medium. print+digital+social+experiential+web

Etihad Airways had a problem.

Their package holidays arm - Etihad Holidays - was
indistinguishable from its competitors. It didn't inspire, and it sure as hell didn't convert. 

So from the ground up, I brought to life the Etihad Holiday Machine: a disruptive slice of steampunk that got minds racing. Here's what happened:

  • Package searches +1000%

  • Holiday bookings +500%

  • Unique site visits +400%

  • Conversion rates +200%

  • Transactional value +76%

  • Revenue +118% 

We kicked things off by physically building the thing. Then we unleashed this curious device - and it's even more curious inventor - upon London Paddington Station:

The client's fancy algorithm meant that Etihad Holidays could offer the internet's best priced holiday packages guaranteed.


But it didn't matter.


Only by making them stand out from the crowd with a bold 360 campaign did we start to see a change in engagement.

Traffic exploded, providing Etihad Holidays with the best sales year it ever had.

Screenshot 2023-03-28 at 14.44.08.png

A full digital takeover - not to mention some eye-catching flyers - helped push conversions.

Screenshot 2023-03-28 at 16.01.23.png
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